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The EnergiewendeHow does it work and where do we stand?


This is Mrs. Neumann. She has a family and a busy lifestyle in Germany, but she still wishes to make her home and life as sustainable as possible.


How can Mrs. Neumann power and heat her home while also meeting her financial and ecological responsibilities?


With each new innovation in energy technology, society moves toward modernization. Every part of Mrs. Neumann’s life is affected by this change because everything involves energy.


Renewable sources of energy mean that the country can be more self-determined and less reliant on the importation of resources such as oil and gas.


Lucky for Mrs. Neumann, Germany is working on the Energiewende and has thereby been a frontrunner and example for various countries around the world. The Energiewende implies a complete overhaul


…of the system of energy supply. As part of the plan, the Neumanns can earn money by producing the power and heat they need for their home.

Mrs. Neumann chooses solar cells and can feed that energy into the grid.


The ability to produce power is important in order to secure a brighter future for families like the Neumanns. “Prosumers” – consumers who produce energy – practice methods such as car sharing and help bring about the digitization of the energy grid. This switch will affect all aspects of life.


Both companies and citizens can invest in solar and wind energy plants. This gives Mrs. Neumann the ability to power her home in a way which capitalizes on the economics of renewables. It also creates new industries and workplaces in the community.


Solar panels provide the Neumann family with plenty of power and allow them to participate in the community sustainability effort through the feed-in mechanism. Mrs. Neumann also has the opportunity to set an example to her children  of climate protection and how to maintain the world we live in.


Germany would like to work together with its international partners to achieve a global transition to renewable energy and greater energy efficiency.


The Energiewende serves as a blueprint to reconcile economy and ecology.


By generating a cleaner supply of energy, creating new jobs and business models, and stimulating innovation and environmental awareness, Energiewende provides a path to a brighter future for Germany and the international community as a whole.


Energiewende switch to the future