The German Alumni Association Kuala Lumpur - GAAKL

The formation of the German Alumni Association, Kuala Lumpur (GAAKL) was an initiative of H.E. Juergen A. R. Staks, German Ambassador to Malaysia from 2001 - 2004.  Ambassador Staks actively pursued a closer cooperation between Germany and Malaysia, with the intention to open the Membership to the Association to individuals and corporations, sharing the same common interests. GAAKL was approved by the Registrar of Society on 29 September 2003.

The aims and the objectives of the Association are: (1) to foster cooperation and fellowship among its members, (2) to share German experiences in business, trade, education, training and culture, (3) to contribute to the economic development of the country through the dissemination of new concepts in science and technology, advanced management techniques and other useful information, (4) to provide assistance and re-orientation for those who have studied and trained in Germany, (5) to assist with professional development, (6) to give advisory and consultancy services to organizations on matters concerning management, technology and development programmes, and last but not least, (7) to network with other similar organizations or societies and industries for the furtherance of education and training.

In line with the Association’s objectives, GAAKL provides a regular meeting platform - “Treffpunkt” - for its members to meet every first or second Wednesday of each month. Prominent individuals from various backgrounds will be invited as guest speakers.
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The German Alumni Association Kuala Lumpur - GAAKL

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