10 Reasons to invest in Germany

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Germany - A large market with strong innovation, transport and infrastructure

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First Class Infrastructure

With its central location on the continent, Germany is Europe's number one logistics market. A sophisticated energy and communications infrastructure and first-class transportation networks ensure on-time delivery and short roads to success.

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Inviting Incentive

Germany provides attractive incentives to all investors. A comprehensive range of programmes supports the broad spectrum of business activities at all stages of the investment process. Support ranges from cash incentives for the reimbursement of direct investment costs to incentives for labour, research and development.

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Competitive Tax Conditions

Germany has significantly reduced its corporate tax levels. A far-reaching reform of company taxation is helping companies invest, and secure new business. The Federal Government’s raft of reforms to improve the general tax framework and keep indirect labour costs down are opening doors of opportunity to ever more investors.

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Quality of Life

Germany is a modern, tolerant, and cosmopolitan society with an excellent standard of living. Superior health and education provision, endless opportunities for sports and recreation in our beautiful landscape, and a vibrant cultural scene are just some of the reasons why more than seven million foreigners have made their homes in Germany.

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Leading Economy

Germany is Europe's economic engine, where investors profit from the economic performance of the world's fourth largest economy. Germany also offers a large domestic market and easy access to growing markets in the enlarged European Union.

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Gobal Player

Germany is the world’s number three exporter, neck and neck with China and the USA after six years at the top spot. And with 458 billion euros FDI, Germany also proved to be an investment magnet and one of the top regions for foreign investors.

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High Productivity

One of the highest productivity rates in the world, German quality, and steadily decreasing unit labor costs are the decisive factors for Germany's competitiveness. A series of social and market reforms have further contributed to continued economic growth, making Germany one of Europe’s most cost-effective production locations.

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Excellent Workforce

A world class education system ensures the highest standards. 82 percent of the German population have been trained to university entrance level or possess a recognised vocational qualification – above the OECD average of 67 percent. An investor friendly social-market economy promotes stable labor relations.

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Innovative Power

Germany is Europe's number 1 location for research. German research and development is backed by billions of euros in annual federal funds, helping to make Germany the world's leader in innovation. It's this commitment which also makes us Europe's leading patent applicant and the leading global force in high-tech solutions.

source: Germany Trade and Invest

10 Reasons to invest in Germany

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