The German Energiewende Exhibition for the first time on Show in Southeast Asia

During the official opening ceremony on 12 April, German Ambassador Holger Michael expressed his satisfaction in bringing this informative exhibition to Malaysia, as part of the celebrations of 60 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Malaysia in 2017. He also conveyed his heartfelt appreciation as the exhibition was made possible by the generous support of the venue sponsor, GALERI PETRONAS.

In attendance were Pn Noor Afiza M Yusuf, the Head of Brand Management Department, Group Strategic Communications PETRONAS and Mr Johannes Uhl, the International Energy Policy Expert of the German Society of International Cooperation (GIZ), a number of European Ambassadors and Embassy representatives as well as numerous invited guests.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a series of public talks were held on 13th April at GALERI PETRONAS by local and international experts in the field, including Matthias ‘Green Man’ Gelber, an avid environmentalist and green entrepreneur, who recently constructed the “GreenMan Tiny Home”, an off grid and ecological sustainable living unit the size of a carpark lot in KL.

The exhibition will be on display at GALERI PETRONAS until 23 April 2017, after which it will be shown in Penang from 28 April – 7 May 2017.

The German Energiewende Exhibition for the first time on Show in Southeast Asia

Opening Ceremony of Energiewende Exhibition 2017

Experience the “German Energiewende” at GALERI PETRONAS in Kuala Lumpur!

The German Energiewende Exhibition 2017

The Exhibition The German Embassy Kuala Lumpur, in cooperation with GALERI PETRONAS, proudly presents the exhibition “German Energiewende” (Energy Transition) to be shown at the GALERI PETRONAS from...