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Bright students

Student Visa/Student Exchange Visa, Language Course Visa, Internship Visa

All persons who wish to study at a high school, college or university, absolve a language course or an internship in Germany, are required to obtain a residence permit. In order to enter Germany, a student visa has to be issued. The residence title cannot be issued while in Germany as a tourist. Applicants who have not yet been accepted at a certain university can apply for a study applicant’s visa.


Employment Visa, Jobseeker Visa, Blue Card and Research Visa

All persons who wish go to Germany for employment are required to obtain a residence permit in the form of a visa. A work permit will be included in the visa issued for this purpose if you already have an employment contract. Since the approval of the Federal Office of Labor is obligatory, the visa can only be issued after the Embassy has received this approval. The delay can be several months, in some cases only a few days. Please check the information leaflets attached. If your case is not listed, please contact us via email (please see contact form on the right).

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Visa for Marriage and Family Reunion

If you are planning to move with your German spouse or your German (minor) children to Germany, you have to apply for a family reunion visa. Also spouses and minor children of foreigners with a German residence permit have to apply for a family reunion visa to move to Germany. All applicants (including children) have to apply in person.

National Visa - Visa Categories


Language skills required before entering the country

Deutsch lernen

Language skills are an elementary requirement to ensure successful integration. Foreign nationals who want to move to Germany to be with their spouse must therefore - as a general rule - be able to ...

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