Farewell Message by Ambassador Holger Michael

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Dear Visitors

My four years as the German Ambassador to Malaysia have come to an end. My family and I will always fondly remember the warm hospitality of the Malaysian people and the many beautiful sights and scenic landscapes of this country. I hope that Malaysia will be able to preserve its diversity and openness in future times.

Over the past 60 years, Malaysia and Germany have built a very close, reliable and friendly relationship, which I was able to foster and strengthen during my posting.

Special reference should be made to the engagement of German companies in Malaysia, which - despite sometimes challenging circumstances - not only maintained their investments, but in many cases increased them substantially. With their varied products and services and their emphasis on staff training, they make a noticeable contribution to the Malaysian economic performance and the country’s labour market. This development was made possible by the investment- friendly climate and strong commitment of the Malaysian government to free trade and promotion of international integration.

One more highlight is the success in the science and education area. There are more people learning the German language in Malaysia than ever before; the same is valid for cooperation agreements between Malaysian and German universities.
We have successfully “exported” the German system of Dual Vocational Training and the Malaysian Meister Program. Joint Programs like these have a continuous influence on economy and society, and they contribute to personal bonds between our two peoples.

With this in mind, I say good bye to this region of the world, but a part of me will always stay connected to Malaysia.

With my best regards

Holger Michael

Farewell Message by Ambassador Holger Michael

Ambassador Holger Michael