Regulations regarding firearms and ammunition are very restrictive in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is advisable not to take firearms or ammunition of any kind on a trip to Germany.

  1. Importation and possession of firearms
    The owner must be a resident of the Federal Republic of Germany and must possess a valid licence ("Waffenbesitzkarte" or "Waffenschein") issued by the pertinent German authorities.
  2. Importation of hunting rifles and firearms for sporting purposes
    Persons not having their residence in Germany may import for hunting and sporting purposes not more than two firearms with a maximum length of 60 cm (approx. 23") each, plus the necessary ammunition. Travellers must hold a hunting licence of their resident country and have to apply with the competent authorities ("Landratsamt" - county administration - or "Polizeipräsident" - as authority in larger cities) in the Federal Republic of Germany hunting licence (Ausländerjagdschein) prior to their departure. Firearms and ammunition must be presented to customs for a temporary import licence valid for 30 consecutive days and exclusively for the hunting or sportshooting event the visitor is going to attend. This temporary licence has to be presented together with the firearms when the traveller leaves the country.
  3. Transit of firearms without permit is only allowed for up to two weapons or hunting rifles of more than 60 cm (approx. 23") of length as well as the respective ammunition. Arms and ammunition must be carried separately. Weapons as well as ammunition have to be declared at point of entry where a special permit for the purpose of transit will be issued.
  4. Aquisition of firearms and ammunition in Germany
    Persons not residing in the Federal Republic of Germany may purchase firearms or ammunition in Germany only, if these will be dispatched by the dealer to the buyer's home address. Delivery or usage of the purchased firearms or ammunition in Grmany is not possible.