1. Pictures of the Year 2014 Pictures of the Year 2014
  2. Erster deutsch-irakischen Bachelorstudiengang ifa - Cross Culture Internships Programme
  3. Football Remembers 2014 Football Remembers 2014
Pictures of the Year 2014

Pictures of the Year 2014

See 2014 from a whole new perspective - these pictures, taken by the German government's official photographers, give a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of some of the year's biggest events.

Erster deutsch-irakischen Bachelorstudiengang

ifa - Cross Culture Internships Programme

The Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations - ifa is advocation intercultural exchange...

Football Remembers 2014

Football Remembers 2014

WWI Commemorative Match 2014

Bildungspartnerschaft Afrika

Germany increasingly popular Migration Destination

Germany is an increasingly attractive destination for immigrants. According to the latest Migration Report, their numbers rose from 1.08 million in 2012 to 1.23 million in 2013, with net migration at its highest level since 1993. Net migration stood at around 430.000, the highest level since 1993.

Aktienchart candle

Steady Growth for German Economy

January 2015. The latest GDP figures show that Europe’s largest economy grew by 1.5 percent in 2014, up from previous estimates of 1.4 percent. The ten-year average for annual German GDP growth is 1.2 percent.

Vigil at the Brandenburg Gate

Rally for Tolerance in Berlin

14 January 2015. German President Joachim Gauck and Chancellor Angela Merkel were among the many who attended a vigil for tolerance and religious freedom organised by Germany’s Central Council of Muslims and the Turkish Community of Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate on 13 January.

Studierende mit Laptop

Working, training and studying in Germany

Germany is an attractive immigration destination. This country is open to qualified professionals, students and researchers moving here from all over the world. 

Sarawakian Tribal Oral History

Sarawakian Tribal History - A German Embassy and SCRIPS Project

Self-Determination Through Documentation of the Oral History of Six Different Ethnic Communities in Sarawak. Knowledge and understanding of the past has a profound impact upon contemporary social and...

Human Rights Day 2014

Human Rights Day 2014

Today, on 10th December, we celebrate the 66th anniversary of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, which established a common and global standard of  rights and freedoms applicable to all human ...

Sustainable Mobiliy Conference 2014

Germany and the UK join Hands to support Malaysia’s Sustainable Mobility Agenda

On 25 November 2014, experts from Malaysia, Germany and the UK came together to help shape Malaysia’s journey towards implementing greener, low-carbon modes of mobility. Jointly-organized by the Germa...

The Ambassador

Ambassador Holger Michael

H.E. Holger Michael

“Auswärtiges Amt – Auslandsvertretungen weltweit”: the app for finding German missions abroad on all standard mobile devices

App Auswärtiges AMt

Its interactive and informative app provides quick, easy access to the latest information from the FFO.  

Video News from Germany


A picture says more than a thousand words! Watch our specially made videos, containing interesting news and stories from and about Germany.